The fastest nitro machine on the market.

Drinks per hour

Cooling system

Unlimited nitrogen supply 

Introducing the DRNX DUO

The DRNX DUO is the fastest Nitro machine on the market. Designed with the same technology as the DRNX, it features two taps instead of one to cut your serving time in half and double your profitability. Serve two different drinks to your customers simultaneously.

Time saving

Pour a cup in seconds with the DRNX Nitro double-tap machine, don’t let your customers wait any longer. It can fill 400 glasses per hour.


Nitrogen enhances beverage flavors to add a new dimension to the drinking experience. Share this unique experience using our technology and make a difference with your customers.


Increase your profitability by an average of 50% with our DRNX DUO double tap. No staff training required. Quick installation and service.

Dimensions (cm)

Weight (Kg)



to start the machine

to pour a glass (25cl)

to change the drink

All our drinks are manufactured and controlled in our production facilities in Belgium. Curiozity is a Belgian artisanal savoir-faire with a European vision. Our nitro drinks are specially designed to be used by our DRNX machines. Coffees, cocktails, latte, lemonade, we offer all types of NITRO drinks. Born from a passion since the beginning, CURIOZITY puts its expertise at your disposal.

Nitro Cold Brew

Nitro Cold Brew

Curiozity favors a local network based on the quality of the beans.

Nitro Latte

Nitro Latte

Thanks to our experience in the field of coffee, we have developed a range with vegetable milk.

Nitro Cocktail

Nitro Cocktail

Curiozity offers a wide range of classic cocktails as well as custom creations.

Nitro Limonade

Nitro Limonade

With Nitro technology, our lemonades are creamy, unique and contain less sugar.